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Tuk Gong Musul

Master May Represents Tuk Gong Musul in Australia under the direction of Grand Master Lim / LTC Alif Aiman Abdullah (retired Leftenant Colonel Malaysian Army) 

In Australia the target audience is security personnel, Hospital Staff and Martial Arts masters looking to expand their repertoire

TukKong MooSool can literately be translated as "Special Attack Military Techniques". The following data has mostly been mostly gleaned from the official Korea World TukKong Association's (KWTA) web site at

TukKong Moo Sool is a very focused modern martial arts discipline created during the cold war in South Korea. South Korea's national sport of TaeKwonDo, while still compulsory for all military conscripts, was felt to be transforming more into a sport and not as useful in practical military situations as the military would like. North Korea had begun practicing a martial art known as KeukSool. South Korea's military felt that it needed a superior system to KeukSool. After a brief period of experimenting, HapKiDo was chosen to fill this need for their Special Forces (SF) and Special Operations Forces (SOF).

In time, it was felt that an even more efficient system was needed for the SF and Presidential Protection Services (Secret Service). In 1978, President Park Jung Hee ordered the creation of a new martial art form that was to be superior in efficiency and use to all other civilian and quasi-military derived self defense systems. This call to action fell onto the 606th Special Missions Battalion. The founding special operators were all Masters of Korean and other martial arts. From the efforts of these masters, "TukKong" the comprehensive combat martial system was born.

Certification Opportunity and Training is available to all suitable applicants please contact Master May for a confidential Interveiw

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