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Coaching Seminars

Master May has a high demand for his services with his unique and fun teaching style he can deliver any subject that suits your needs

Seminar topics most commonly asked for are:

Hapkido Foundation Technical series: designed for the non Hapkido schools wishing to implement a Hapkido program into there school with a clear pathway to Hapkido Certification

Hapkido Advanced Technical Series: This is for the new Hapkido Dojangs or already established schools wishing to expand there base and see what SungMooKwan and Kido Hae have to offer 

Hosinsul Series: easily learnt and adapted Hapki Hosinsul series covers all ranges of combat ideal for a striking school wish to expand on their curriculum certification pathways available

STJ Jijutsu Combat Submission Grappling: Step up your ground game easy to implement into a non grappling school due to the unique structure and teaching step. STJ Jijitsu is a 2 pillar approach to the ground game. The first pillar is ground fighting for the non grappler the second pillar is a structured curriculum making learning segmented and easy to take on.

Impact and Blade weapons: often over looked and/or under trained. This is one of Master Mays driving passions so a great seminar to build on your base skills with the weapon

Call Master may and book your seminar as his schedule is becoming more demanding year after year 0432659260

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