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Choson Martial Arts Online 

Online Training with Master May

Due to rapidly changing times we are now offering online classses via the platform Podia 

The signature program CMA Kwonsul was the stimulus of Master May putting together a home training program for all his students affected by Covid 19

From this humble origins Master May realised that this program is a very effective Martial System in its own standing. Due to the strike based format.

Kwonsul incorporates primary kicking and striking with kick flow and Combat Fight drills to bring it all together. Combined with Impact weapons rudimentary ground fighting

The Black Belt curriculum is well rounded and a sound fit for the Global Martial Arts community striving to train and achieve the coveted Black Belt

CMA Hapkido Essentials

This is a reference for the core techniques of Hapkido. Often Hapkido is described as having several Hundred techniques to Black Belt.

Master May has, over the decades of continual training and with the continued input of his Dojang Blackbelts has identified the core techniques for functional Hapkido. These foundation techniques then provide the framework for continued study

The Hapkido essentials is instructor requirements to 1 Dan

and the foundations for continual training is this magnificent Korean Martial Art

For all online course inquiries please contact Master May Direct:

More Courses coming soon.....

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